TEAM2 – Cash for Hawaii High School Sports Program

Last Updated on Thursday, 7 June 2012 12:28

Join the Sports Travel Hawaii (STH) TEAM2 today!
STH knows that many of our state’s high school athletic departments are challenged each year to raise the funds necessary to support the programs that play an integral part in helping our children to develop into physically, socially, and emotionally healthy young men and women.  This is why STH is committed to making a difference in the lives of our keiki by giving cash back to all schools via the STH TEAM2 Cash for Hawaii High School Sports Program.

TEAM2 stands for Travel Efficiently And Make Money.  STH is proud to offer all Hawaii high schools the opportunity to do just that.  The TEAM2 Program will not only increase funding for your school’s athletic program, it will allow your teams and your many supporters to experience the superior customer service and cash savings that STH’s loyal customers are already familiar with.  To hear what many of STH’s satisfied customers are saying please visit our Testimonials link.


  • Effective fundraising vehicle that delivers continuous cash revenue to your school’s athletic programs.
  • Simple to implement and easy to maintain.
  • No additional costs to your school, athletic department, in-bound teams, or team supporters (family, friends, etc.).  In fact you will help your teams and supporters to reduce their travel costs when they utilize STH for their travel needs.
  • Secure and simple transactions.
  • Everyone saves money while making money.

How does the TEAM2 Program work?

Here is a list of simple ways you can make the TEAM2 Program work for your school:

  • Book your school teams airline, hotel, and car reservations with STH
  • Have your teams parents and supporters book their travel arrangements with STH
  • Refer in-bound teams from out of state to STH via email
  • Present your school’s name when booking your travel arrangements
  • STH will rebate your school’s athletic department 1% of the gross amount from you or your supporters purchases (*Rebates for car rental and hotel purchases are made before taxes)
  • Rebate checks will be mailed directly to your school’s athletic department on a quarterly basis (*Rebates are paid after travel has been completed)
  • Your teams and supporters received quality travel services, your teams and supporters save money, and your school or the school that you support makes money too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my school registered for the TEAM2 Program?

An official member of your school’s athletic program should contact STH at (808) 395-9541 or via email at to let us know that your school is interested in joining the STH TEAM2.

What is the value of the TEAM2 Program for my school?

Team2 offers your organization an effective way to raise additional funds while actually providing travel savings to your teams and supporters.  By joining the STH TEAM2, your athletes and supporters will have access to the special travel and group discounts that only STH customers are given.  While your team and supporters enjoy STH’s savings for their travel needs, they automatically generate cash back for your athletic program.

What are the cash back contributions?

1% of all gross amount travel purchases by your athletic teams, its in-bound opponents, and its supporters are paid back to your school’s athletic program in the form of a rebate check.  For car rental and hotel accommodations, rebates are calculated based on base rates before taxes.  (*Special rules may apply.)

How are cash-back contributions disbursed?

Cash back contributions for qualifying transactions are paid to your school’s athletic department on a quarterly basis throughout the year.  Payments are mailed to your school’s athletic department provided transactions are fully cleared and travel has been completed. The transaction clearing process is estimated to take a minimum of 30 business days, however the exact time to clear may vary depending on financial institution processing times and reporting policies.

Where can I get more information or support on the TEAM2 program?

Just contact STH at (808) 395-9541, or email us at for support. Any one of our agents will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the TEAM2 Program.